Stone Age
Mesolithic Period:
The first inhabitants

The population settles
Neolithic Period:
New discovery: pottery

Settlement of South Karelia in the Neolithic Period
How did people live in the Stone Age
Lake Saimaa and Stone-Age habitation
Shorelevel displacement
Map of sites
Early Metal Age
Map of sites
Iron Age
Early Iron Age
Late Iron Age:
Viking Period

The time of the Crusades
The prehistoric period comes to an end
Map of sites
This spearhead discovered in 1948 near the Kaukas factory in Lappeenranta has been dated from the 600s - 800s.
Stillness in South Karelia
As the Iron Age begins, the quiet in South Karelia continues. No artefacts have been found in the area from the Earlier Iron Age (0 - 400 A.D.) or Middle Iron Age (400 - 800 A.D.). There is one exception from the end of the Middle Iron Age: a spearhead was discovered in the Kaukas area of Lappeenranta that tells of western hunters or influences. The region certainly must have had its own Early Metal Age population, even though this cannot be directly confirmed by findings.