1. Sailing barriers in the Rannuusinsalmi Strait in Suomenniemi
2. Hill fort in Kuivaketvele, Taipalsaari
3. Voisalmi machine gun and accommodation bunker in Lappeenranta
4. Kauskila cemetery in Lappeenranta, from the time of the Crusades and the Early Middle Ages
5. Stone-Age dwelling site at Murheistenranta in Lappeenranta
6. Saarenoja Stone-Age dwelling site in Joutseno
7-8. Stone-Age dwelling sites on Lammassaari Island in Imatra
9. Stone-Age dwelling site in Ukonniemi in Imatra
10. Rock painting at Kolmiköytisienvuori in Ruokolahti
11. Huusniemi Stone-Age dwelling site in Joutseno
12. Stone-Age settlement dwelling site on Mietinsaari Island in Joutseno
13. Korosniemi prehistoric settlement in Ruokolahti
14. Lapp cairn at Salminiemi in Ruokolahti
15. The Viking Age cemetery at Hirnilä in Rautjärvi.
16-17. Haukkavuori Hill and the Torsansalo border stone in Rautjärvi
18. Cup stone from Silvu in Parikkala
19. Stone-Age habitation of Parikkala / Stone-Age dwelling site at Haljakka
20. Pitfalls on the Romanonkangas Heath at Parikkala
21. Cultural landscape at Tarnala in Saari
22. Orthodox village of Papinniemi in Uukuniemi
23. Stone-Age burial ground and dwelling site at Vaateranta in Taipalsaari
Site Map: Sites 21-22
22. Orthodox village of Papinniemi in Uukuniemi
Papinniemi in Uukuniemi offers an extensive and diverse area with ancient monuments left from the time of recorded history. In the 1500s and 1600s the Uukuniemi Orthodox Cathedral and its cemetery and dwelling site were located here. As the area was populated, a complete Orthodox village formed, which probably had totally emptied out in the 1600s. Papinniemi is located in an area where two cultures and two religious communities met, a battleground of the Byzantine and Roman churches way up in the far north. From studies of the Papinniemi settlement and cemetery it is possible to obtain a many-sided picture of Karelia's Orthodox culture. The ancient monuments have remained unusually well preserved because of the lack of construction in the area.

The ancient monuments in the area are found along a ridge that is about 500 metres long and 150 metres wide. The site of the church and cemetery lies at the highest point on the southern side of the rocks. An Orthodox traveller's cross has been erected near the site of the church.

Driving directions: Take road no. 4040 past the church and drive about 1.5 km. Turn right toward the Papinniemi Campground. Continue about 1.2 km. Turn right; the site is directly in front of you. Parking for cars or a bus. Paths through the area around the church provide access to the site.